Nigerian Man Discovers On His Wedding Day That His Wife-To-Be already Has 4 Kids (Video)

A wedding was disrupted after the groom found out that his bride already had four kids with another man.

The bride was spotted on the ground wailing while her fellow women tried to calm her down.

This happened on the main road and when people asked what was happening, the groom said “she didn’t tell me, she already has four kids.” 

Netizens were surprised and concluded that the woman may also be hiding more things from her husband, if she could hide the fact that she already has four kids.

@loveth: “Why don’t she tell the man before the wedding? she’s a game player, but I pray God show her mercy.”

@user2092403177102: “Wife would have told him before wedding that means she’s hiding alot from him and that’s dangerous.”

Watch the video below: