Nigerian Girl shows off the N100,000 she received for sleeping with a guy in one night (video)

A well-popular Abuja runs girl showed off the money she made in one night, after sleeping with a very wealthy client in a big hotel in Abuja.


She then advised other women to emulate her, as she is independent. (Watch the video here). After the video was shared online, people are already condemning her and many are saying nasty things about her.

Some comments below;

Ema Ndu: In Naija, if u make sure money in a night, everyone knows it can only be through prostitution. Although she didn’t say what she did to get that money on the second hand she posts naked so we don judge her.

Strawney Ninobrown Saleh: Many Abuja runs girl that fuck for free are here insulting her….
In as much as I do not support prostitution and highly against it. Nigerians stop being hypocritical!!!!! Before commenting, make sure to ask yourself, have I collected money from a wealthy client before-after sex? If yes? Shut up!!!!!!!

Zinny Nwosu: She should get ready for spending the money on STD treatment and possibly her funeral. Cause what these men could collect in exchange for the money they give is disastrous. I hope her destiny hasn’t been exchanged tho…good luck to her! And all these men who patronize sex workers, how do u sleep at night? And you come out in the daytime and look for someone’s innocent daughter to mislead and infect. Stop patronizing these women and they’ll stop selling their bodies. drops mic

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Amaka Chukwunyere: Our youth have lost it. Omg. Is this what Nigeria has turned people into? Other youths are doing things to develop their country while in Nigeria it’s either our youths are into cybercrime, internet nudity or nuisance, Tomorrow if those old fools give una 1k, una go vote for them. If there were jobs that pay at least 50k for d youth do u think this girl wud b doing such rubbish? But when there is no job for d youth, no electricity, no rights of citizens, what do u expect?
This country sef dey weak me. Kai?