Nigerian Lady Cries Her Heart Out After Her Boyfriend Ended Their 3 Years Relationship (Video)

Love is sweet, but sometimes it’s also bitter. When love hurts then definitely it won’t work which means you are left with no better option than to move on in life and face the reality.

There is someone for everyone, but not in the case of this lady who happens to be the context of our discussion. She refused to let go.

A video made available online captures the moment an unidentified lady poured out her heart as she cries and mourns for her lost love.

According to reports, the said lady is a victim of heartbreak and she was not ready to let go and move on. Apparently, her boyfriend of over three years decided to end the relationship for the best reasons known to him.

The lady was said to have flipped and gone out of control as she made a live video on Instagram crying her heart out while calling on her man to come back.

It’s so sad to see a man you spent over three years with suddenly work out of your life without any good reason, some men are heartless.

We think this lady needs your advice and encouragement as she is already broken and needs to be amended.

There is someone for everyone, and there is someone for her definitely.

Are you that person?