“I still love you. I h@te my husband” – Shocking Whatsåpp conversation between a married woman and Her Ex-Boyfriend – Read the WhatsApp Chat (PHotos)

So a Facebook user Adamazi, shared on her page, a quite displeasing chat between a single lady and her ex-boyfriend who is now a married man.

The guy in the chat, Festus (pseudonym), hit his ex-girlfriend, Cynthia (pseudonym) and laid out what he says are his woes with his new wife.

Festus says that his new wife is a boring lady who does nothing but be faithful to him and carry out wife duties accordingly, she’s spiritual, a good mother and all.

And according to Festus, he made a mistake marrying such a virtuous lady and so he hit Cynthia up and explains to her that he wishes he’d not left her alone because of her stubborn attribute – an attribute he claims he can contain.

In a bid to win Cynthia back, he says he’ll divorce his wife if she assures him that she’d marry him if he carried out that action – this caused Cynthia to flare up and revoke him and humbly told him to focus on his marriage.

Way to go Cynthia! Well done! Read their chats below:

Shameless Nigerian Married Man

Shameless Nigerian Married Man

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