Bride who refused to kiss husband during their wedding ceremony finally speaks (Video)

Actually, they expressed appreciation to all for circulating the video which was intended to make a mockery of them, but in turn, bought them social currency by drawing mad attention to them.

The first video gave an account of a bride who was refusing to kiss her groom for allegedly having stinking breath. The man tried as hard as he could, but the woman did not allow him to plant his lips on hers.

Well, it later came out that, the woman was the shy type who did not know how to go about the routine of kissing her man before the glaring eyes of the public.

Whether it was about the stinking breath of the groom or the meekness of the bride, the couple has come out to express how happy they feel about the fact that they became the talk of the town just for that awkward moment.

Check Out Video Below: