Unbelievable: See What This Lady Has Did After She Caught Her Husband Cheating (video)

A breakup or betrayal is something that many people always fail to cope with. We all enter a relationship with a goal. Hopefully, ever after, but sadly, there’s no assurance for that. People are cheating out there. It is so hard to find a partner that has genuine intentions and is loyal to you. If you check our society, most of the gender-based violence cases are in situations where a man and a woman get physical root from a relationship. Being cheated on or betrayed by someone you love hits so hard.

Not so long ago there was a trending video of a baby mama who burned her baby daddy car because she found her cheating with another woman. Recently, there was another video of a lady who did the unthinkable after she found out that her baby daddy was having an affair. According to the reports, a lady found out that her baby daddy was cheating with another lady. Out of anger, she started to destroy his car with stones while he wasn’t around.

In the trending video, she could be seen hitting the car with stones and breaking all the windows. She even went on to say the man who drives this car is a womanizer and she spent so much on that car. People were just standing there watching her doing her things. She was angry that even the community members were afraid to calm her down. This lady had so much anger.

It seems like she helped the guy buy this car because she kept on saying she spent so much. After this video was posted, many people criticized this lady’s actions. They say her anger is on a level that it clearly shows that she obviated all her heart in a relationship. In my opinion, this lady is toxic. Although the guy did her wrong, she had no right to do all this. What she did is a very serious crime, and she could go to prison for it.