From Cleaner to Madam of the House”: Nigerian Lady Celebrates as She Gets Pregnant for Her Boss (Video)

A pregnant young woman has flaunted her baby bump online while sharing her unique love story.

According to the woman identified as simplisauce on TikTok, she had a choice to either sell her body to men or became a cleaner after secondary school.

She chose to become a cleaner and after a few months, her boss fell deeply in love with her.

The young lady subsequently got pregnant for him and her status got elevated to ‘madam of the house’. However, she revealed that he hasn’t married her yet.

Sharing a video via; and TikTok, she said: “From ordinary cleaner to madam of the house. After secondary school, I was left with two options. Do ho0kup or get a decent job. I made a poor choice, started a cleaning job in this same house.

2 months into the job, oga started making passes at me. I thought it was man being a man. Little did I know it was God’s hand upon my life.”


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