Why I am Hiding My Husband’s Face – Nollywood Actress Ruth Kadiri Reveals (Video)

Nollywood actress and producer, Ruth Kadiri Ezerike has finally opened up on her marriage and why she keeps her marriage private.

One of the actresses in Nigeria who has successfully kept her fans and movie lovers in the dark with regards to the state of her married life and the identity of her husband is Ruth Kadiri.

On a few occasions, she posted a photo of herself and her hubby, his face was not revealed always leaving her fans clueless and they accuse her of hiding her husband, however, in a recent interview she had captured on Kemi Filani news, Ruth Kadiri debunked claims that she is discreet about her marriage.

She claimed that those who are close to her know her husband and further defended saying her hubby follows her to movie locations so her colleagues including production people know him.

She explained;

“Okay, first of all, my marriage is not top-secret. If it were top-secret, you wouldn’t know that I’m married. Secondly, my husband is not top-secret, if you are close to me and you know me in the real sense, you would know that he’s not a secret.

My husband goes to location, he visits my set when I’m working. He’s home, my friends come home, they know him, they’ve had interactions with him, family and friends know him, what else? That’s just about it. I’m not about stressing emotionally, mentally, I’m just okay. Anybody that knows me personally, knows my husband and that’s alright.”