Pregnant woman is not happy after discovering she’s expecting another boy (Video)

A video making the rounds online captures a pregnant woman’s unhappy reaction to the news of her unborn baby’s gender.

She was at a gender reveal with family and after she shot the fireworks, blue confetti popped out which is an indication that she is expecting a boy.


pregnant mum boys2

It was gathered that she already has four kids who are all boys and the fact that she was pregnant with another one was not so much of a good news.

If she was carrying a baby girl, its pink confetti that would have popped out of the fireworks cylinder.

pregnant mum boys3

pregnant mum boys3

As soon as the woman discovered she would be having a son, she threw then pole on the floor and stormed out of the place while wearing a mixed facial expression of anger and smiles.

Family and friends present cheered at the news and her other sons joined in celebrating as they would soon have a younger brother.

Watch the video below: