Baby electr0cuted to D.eath after putting metal spoon into socket extension (Photos)

Electric shock is an unusual accident, but not uncommon for children. To prevent children from being electrocuted, most parents should equip plugs for electrical outlets and keep electrical cords and devices out of their children’s reach.

However, recently the Quezon City, Philippines news bulletin just reported a heartbreaking electrocution-related incident. It was a boy named Jake Angara (2 years old) who died after sticking a metal spoon in the socket.


Jake climbed up to fetch the metal spoon and plug it in

In the interview, the boy’s mother, Eloisa Angara, said that this incident happened last Friday (February 19th). That day she made Jake a glass of milk and used a metal spoon to stir the milk for her baby. Before Eloisa gave her son a glass of milk, she carefully set the spoon in a high place out of Jake’s reach. Somehow, however, the boy got up, got the spoon and plugged it directly into the socket next to it.

“After giving milk to my baby, I went into the bedroom and Jake was in the living room. I noticed his unusual silence, no voices, laughs or noises in the living room. I opened the door to look when I suddenly heard an explosion. Shockwave “said the mother of a wretched child.

Eloisa also announced that as she went into the living room, she saw her son lying motionless on the floor with a black burn on his chest while his hand was still holding the metal spoon that was plugged into the socket. Eloisa and her husband rushed to the emergency hospital, but the doctor said it was too late. The boy was pronounced dead.

The 2-year-old boy cheekily stuck a metal spoon in the socket and was electrocuted - Photo 2.

Until now, Eloisa still doesn’t believe that a boy has left her forever

The 2-year-old boy cheekily stuck a metal spoon in the socket and was electrocuted - Photo 3.

The boy left many fond memories with his parents

“It’s hard to accept Jake’s death. I can’t believe I lost my baby. Jake has left us with so many wonderful memories. I hope you will live happily ever after in heaven.”said Eloisa.

Measures to protect children from electric shock accidents

Parents should know that electric shock is a phenomenon in which the human body is in direct contact with the electrical source and the electrical current flows through the body. An electric shock accident can range from mild to severe, depending on the voltage and duration of contact.

Children, especially young children, are very curious. Babies are often exposed to electric shock, especially if they bite the power cord or plug a metal object such as a forks, knife, spoon, or finger into an electrical outlet. It is therefore the responsibility of parents to protect their children from electrical appliances and electrical outlets.

The best way to avoid electric shock injury is to cover all electrical outlets with electrical outlets. In addition, parents should ensure that electrical appliance cables in the home are always tight and intact, not broken or exposed. Electrical appliances are always kept out of the reach of children, and adults are present to monitor when children are playing in areas with potential electrical hazards.

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