Nigerian Parents b eats their 16yr old Daughter mercilessly for buying her boyfriend a benz (Video)

the 19-year-old boyfriend whose name was Zubairu was berated as many were unsure of the source of the money used in getting the presents for his girlfriend. A lot of people maintained that his wealth did not come through a legitimate means.

While it appeared that the issue might have been forgotten by many people over the course of the week, it has been gathered from social media that the issue has been revived. This time, Nigerians are claiming that the parents of the girl have taken action by mercilessly beating their daughter for receiving gifts of such nature.

Not only that, many have also claimed that the boy who lavished such gifts on his girlfriend had actually stolen the money used in obtaining them.

Nigerian Parents b eats their 16yr old Daughter mercilessly for buying a Benz for her boyfriend 

Apparently, this discovery was made by someone who knew the duo very well. While the rumour started on Snapchat, it spread all the way to Twitter where it picked up pace and became a full-fledged conversation.

A Nigerian named @Nabeelah_Abdull on Twitter started the conversation with certain tweets. Then, other interested people went on to continue the “Benz” discussion where they had stopped.

See the posts below:

“So I heard zubairu and his babe got the beating of their lifelord where are the zubairu goal keepers?? it’s arewa what do you expect not some whites Yes yess. Their parents didn’t betray arewa culture oooo.

Zubairu stole the money they said so nobody will want their guy to be like that now I guess. Wai ma he stole his brother in law’s money ne niggha got courage forgetting it will go viral.”