How Mercy Johnson Allegedly Tried to Stop Regina Daniels from Marrying Ned Nwoko (Video)

Once upon a time, Mercy Johnson and Regina Daniels were very close Nollywood pals.

Their relationship was like that of mother and her daughter, with Mercy Johnson mentoring the teenage Regina when she first entered the industry.

However, fast forward to today and the two rarely speak, they don’t comment on each other’s posts as they used to and they don’t even follow each other anymore!

So what led to this serious split between mother and daughter?

A new report from a Nigerian blog alleges it all ties back to Regina Daniels’ marriage to old man Ned Nwoko.

According to the report, when Regina decided to get married, Mercy tried to advice her to wait a while to build up her career before.

This allegedly angered Regina so much that she exchanged words with Mercy and their relationship faltered from there.

“Mercy was only trying to advice her not to marry Ned yet as she was still young and needs to learn more about life. But Regina went ahead as she said she LOVED him” a source ALLEGED!

As we all know, Regina went ahead to marry Nwoko and she’s now carrying his child, just as Mercy Johnson is also currently with child.

They might both be pregnant now but allegedly the relationship between these two ladies is now in the dustbin.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com