“Nigeria Weather is Not Hot Like This”: Reaction As Nigerian Lady Abroad Frys Eggs under Direct Sun (Video)

A young Nigerian woman living in Italy has provided evidence of the extreme heat in the city. In an unexpected video, she cooked eggs in a frying pan while it was exposed to the sun. While several sceptics claimed that she cooked the pan on a gas oven before putting it outside, her culinary demonstration delighted some online viewers.

A Nigerian woman living overseas jokingly said that because it is so hot in Italy, where she is situated, she won’t ever pay for gas again. Online opinions were divided when a woman in a TikTok video used a frying pan to cook eggs in the sun.

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She first placed the pan on the floor and poured her eggs into it. Immediately the eggs touched the pan, it began reacting like it is prepared over a gas cooker or fire.

Many folks, however, felt the lady was chasing clout with her showcase and doubted her claim.

Watch the video below:

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