Nigerian Lady saved N10,000 Every Day For 1Years plus, Buy Her Boyfriend A Car (Photos)

It is a popular saying that when a woman loves, she loves for real. She gives her all just to make everything work. Men sometimes complain of their girlfriends being demanding.

That is making unnecessary demands at all times. But the truth is that not all ladies are like that. Some of them are hard-working and are ready to support their boyfriends to build a successful home in the future.

It was surprising news this Boxing Day to hear a story of a lady who is a makeup artist that bought a Toyota Camry car for her boyfriend.

It was a surprise gift for the young man this Christmas as he never expected it. According to the lady, she saved #10,000 every week for two years to purchase the car. She also added that she did that after a friend mocked her for dating a broke guy who doesn’t have a car.

See photos below