Man Who’s Wife Works As A Maid In A Chinese Company Gives Birth To A Chinese Baby (Photos)

A young Lusaka couple from the Misisi compound in Lusaka has welcomed into their family an excellent baby boy. Mr. Fabio Phiri, a taxi driver, and his wife, Priscilla Phiri, a maid at China Engineering and Construction Limited, have thanked God for blessing them with a beautiful baby boy.



“I love my son; he is a blessing to me; because of him, I have been forced to work even harder in life so that I can always provide for him; he is now a big boy and is 6 months old; I called him Fabio Ji Wu Phiri because he looks exactly like me, particularly when I was a baby like him.”

Mr. Ji Wi Young, a Chinese engineer who worked at China Engineering and Construction Limited, was my wife’s former boss, and he helped us a lot when my wife was pregnant, and he has been very supportive of our family and the boy, even after he left Zambia, he still sends money to help us with upkeep.

Even after he left Zambia, he continues to send money to support us with our expenses, so the only way we can show our gratitude is to give our son some of his names.” Mr. Fabio Phiri told the story.