4 Men Who allegedly Got Pregnant And Gave Birth successfully (Video)

A while back, pictures of several men who got pregnant and gave birth trended on social media. The pictures left a lot of people in shock, considering the fact that men can’t naturally get pregnant. In this article, I will be unraveling the mysterious reason why those men were able to get pregnant and gave birth.

One thing to note is that the men listed in this article were not biologically born as men, but women. They underwent a process called Gender Transitioning. Gender Transitioning is a process whereby an individual changes his/her gender presentation or sex characteristics in order to align with their internal sense of gender identity.

When a person undergo gender transition, they are referred to as Transgender Men or Women. Hence, the men listed in this article are “Transgender Men”. After undergoing Gender Transitioning Surgery, the female changes their body characteristics and physique to that of a man and vice versa.

• Picture of transgender man, Kayden Coleman with his children.

The reason why the the men listed in this article are able to get pregnant is because they didn’t change their female reproductive organ and hormones during transition. They further undergo artificial insemination which enable them to get pregnant without a male partner.

1. Thomas Trace Beatie

Thomas Beatie is an American author, public speaker and an advocate of transgender and sexuality issues. His birth name is Tracy but he changed it to Thomas after becoming a transgender man in 1997. Thomas had his first pregnancy in 2007 and became the first man give birth. He is currently 48 years old with four children.

2. Kayden Coleman


Kayden Coleman came out as a transgender man in 2014 when he was 29 years old. Kayden had his first pregnancy in 2015 while he was still transitioning. Kayden and his partner, Elijah later welcomed a baby girl in 2016. Kayden is currently 35 years old with two children.

3. Wyley Simpson

Wyley Simpson started his gender transition in 2008 when he was 21 years old. In 2017, Wyley got pregnant and later gave birth to a baby boy in 2018. After the birth of his first son, Wyley and his husband, Stephen Gaeth decided not to have babies again due to the complications Wyley suffered during the birth of their son, Rowan.

4 Bennett Kaspar-Williams

Bennett Williams is a 37 year old lawyer who started his gender transition in 2014. Janet got pregnant in 2018 while he was still undergoing surgeries. In August 2019, Bennett and his partner, Caleb welcome a baby girl named Hope.

What are your thoughts on gender transition and artificial insemination?