Nigerian Man allegedly Send his newly-wedded wife back to her father’s house because she lied about being a virgin (Video)

She is said to have claimed to be a virgin but after tying the knot her husband discovered it was a lie so he chased her out and requested retrieved the bride price.

Twitter user, @ChukwuSomma shared the story on the microblogging platform, as she noted that the couple have only been married for four months.

The tweep wrote; ”A girl from my area had her bride price returned and bags packed back to her father’s house because she lied to her husband about being a virgin. This is just a marriage of 4months?….so men still do this?? Omo!”

See the post:

The story sparked a debate online.

Reacting, @callmebrowni wrote; Why did she lie? You don’t build marriage on lies. To her it might be nothing, but to the guy he will see it as if she can lie about this then could have as well lied about many other things

@KingJemx commented ; Why did she lie? The husband is well within his rights to return her cos the marriage was contracted on deceits.

@ChukwuSomma replied; I know but other measures would have been used to restore peace first before ever considering divorce. But the guy no send again

@mijenwadecoy; The reason she was sent packing is because she lied. Please don’t blame it on the virginity. If she had told the truth we won’t be having this conversation.

@PrinceMiracle22; Wait, who is to be blamed now?

@ChukwuSomma; The girl. But the man’s decision was too harsh

@Fragrance_Scent; Don’t build any kind of relationship on lies. It always backfires. My friend’s marriage crashed because he lied to his wife that he doesn’t smoke. Weeks after wedding she found him smoking. Be real. The one who wants you wants you.