Why I Always Sleep With The Gateman everyday – Nigerian woman confesses to her husband (Video)

A married man has told a rather shocking story about how he cheated on his wife and tried to win the woman’s heart again after she found out.

However while doing that, his wife also ‘confessed’ that she slept with their gate-man. Now he is confused and is asking for help.

The unnamed man shared is story via The Nation. See how he told it below:

“My wife suddenly just fired my driver and gate man without informing me about it, I came home and she told me that they insulted her.

“Fast forward to one year later, I mistakenly cheated with her kid sister and she found out, I begged and begged my soul out, the only thing that I did not give her was my life but she kept saying she was fine when I knew she was not.

“So recently, I called her into the room and went on my knees as usual to beg and beg again. i was even crying .
“All she did was laugh so loud, I felt it was getting to her and she was losing her mind then I held her hands and hugged her so tights, do you know what she told me as I hugged her, she said that , Baby do you know why I fired our former gate man and driver , I nodded my head and she said , it was because I Slept with them .
“I pushed her away then she smiled and walked away.
“This morning she told me it was a joke and she has forgiven me.
“I am really worried, did she really do that? If she did then I think we are done.
“Do you think I should investigate further or just let sleeping dogs sleep?
“This has been hunting me I don’t have peace.”