Video of underage kids eating leftover food from dustbins angers (video)

A disturbing video going viral online captures some underage kids eating from the dustbins. The video sparked outrage on social media after it surfaced online.

One could tell from the events in the video that the kids lack proper parental control and thus have been left to the streets to do what pleases them.

This is a detriment to the lives of these young ones. As seen in the clip, these yet-to-be-identified kids ‘gladly’ searched through the bin to eat the leftover foods.

Even though a lot of people are bashing the parents of these kids for leaving them unconcerned, one person who has come under heavy criticism is the guy who taped these kids.

Instead of chasing these innocent young ones away from eating from filth he rather cheered them on to eat more of the leftovers knowing well per his reasoning that it may go against their health.

Watch the disturbing video below;