Man who was stabbed by jealous girlfriend says he has forgiven her, asks her to move back in with him (Photos)

Beyond the forgiveness which has gravely surprised some people, especially his close friends, the unnamed South African man has also asked the lady to move in back with him so they could continue their bitter-sweet romance.

The bizarre story has attracted a flurry of comments from netizens and we have sampled some of them for you.

Lynn Marindany wrote;

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Prior arrangements for his funeral should start soon, to avoid being caught with time when eventuality comes.

Georgina Wayua wrote;

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Girl though I don’t support what you did but I advice you to run and run very far and should be at the border of our neighbors country by now.?

Anyango Doneta wrote;

And why must you stab your friend kwani wanaume wote wamekufa…? Be serious with life young lady. Even killing yourself should never be an option. Life has to move on.. Stop overreacting!!

Mum Kiuria wrote;

Pliz let this girl move on with her live else circumstances may force you to revenge na utaozea njeraini-ciitu,,Kibe wa Inoorotv bear me witness,I know the pain you are going through and don’t pretend you are okay

Tenten Chacha wrote;

As long as one eyed creature is still breathing under his trouser let them continue,,,,next time she will destroy the head we dont see.