Nigerian Man From Surulere Opens Roadside ‘Mama Put’ in London, Oyinbo People Line Up to Buy Nigerian Jollof Rice (Photos)

A Nigerian man called Azeez has taken sweet Nigerian jollof rice to the streets of London, putting the rare taste on the lips of many Oyinbo people.

In a photo shared on Twitter by @IamOlajideAwe, some Oyinbo people could be seen as they lined up to buy food from the restaurant.

In a short chat with reporter, Azeez said he started the restaurant with one other person, but that he now runs it alone.

Azeez said: “I’m from Lagos, Surulere. We live in London so we decided to bring food to the city. We were two when we started but now, I’m running myself.” When @IamOlajideAwe shared the tweet, it generated interest from Nigerians who commended the post

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