Two men fight over a girl who has been sleeping with both of them (Video)

Ladies of now a days would accept any gift that comes their way as far as it is from a man.

Whether they have someone sponsoring them or taking good care of them, they always want something extra as if their pockets don’t get full.

This is the case of a lady who has been cheating on her boyfriend with another man.

The said man has been showering her with a lot of gifts which made her fall in love with him despite she having a boyfriend out there.

Unfortunately for her, she never told her boyfriend of the latest development and decided to keep it by herself since she was enjoying the gifts and was ready to accept anything from her new man.

This unknowing to her that her guy would be visiting whereas she had already booked an appointment with her new lover but unluckily for her, she was unable to stop new guy from visiting.

The real deal was always meant to occur for the two guys to meet come one day which actually came to pass quickly.

The said incident took place at the Nasarawa State University, Keffi.

According to an eye witness, the toaster or boyfriend snatcher met the lady identified as Patience and coerced her to lovingbhim by showering her with lots of expensive gifts which made her to have a soft spot for him thereby leading to love affair between them despite the lady having a boyfriend already.

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But on Friday, the new guy happened to come across the old boyfriend of Patience when he paid her a visit.

This made him mad as Patience never told him of any other boyfriend hence he believed he was the only true love of hers until he came to meet the old guy.

Out of rage, he went ahead to destroy everything Patience have including the flat screen her old boyfriend had bought for her.

On top of that he threatened to kill anyone who comes into contact with Patience or comes his way.

However, a friend of the Patience boyfriend who had accompanied him to visit her intervened when he sense that the new guy was going awol by breaking a bottle on his head just to calm him down and to ensure everything returns to order.

At the time of writing this article, Patience has gone into hiding due to the shame she has brought to herself.

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