Real Witch Caught On Rooftop! See What This Flying Witch Was Caught Doing On Someone’s Roof (Video)

The world is full of mysteries, for most people like you and me, sleeping in the evening after a stressful day is just a normal routine.

But for witches, the time we sleep is the time their day begins, there have been several controversies surrounding the existence of witches as atheists and others have tried to mount theories to debunk their existence, but I believe I would not have to do much to convince you about their existence after you have seen this.

The people in the community as usual did not see anything special with the night before they went to bed, not knowing their roof was a highway for witches and wizards.

But on that particular day, the witch never knew she was making the biggest mistake of her life, the building on which she was caught was a church, you could hear the people in the community rumor that she might have been hit but a higher force that made her fall on the roof.

The woman (witch) confessed she was traveling back from America until her misfortune struck, it is surprising how people can travel to and fro western countries without Visa, but the sad part is that they are only going there to add more woes to their already struggling relatives who have toiled water and blood to afford a passport and visa to the west to seek greener pastures.

From the video, the witch was really whipped by the people as they questioned her how she managed to arrive at the top of the building, it is worth mentioning that the was no passageway to the rooftop as the men in the video were even looking for a ladder to climb up the roof but for the flying witches, they are capable of traveling anywhere without any vehicle, plane or ladder.

Not long ago, a case was recorded where a man leaving in abroad was unable to locate the whereabouts of one of his slippers after he slept and woke up, he unconsciously informed his relatives who were here in Ghana about the incident only for them to affirm they had found the same slippers in their family house the same day the man lost his sleepers in America.

Indeed life is full of mysteries, the secrets of the night are beyond human comprehension, but we trust the good Lord who has always protected us will see us through unharmed.

Why do you think witches are not capable of helping themselves with their witchcraft?

How do you suggest the people should have handled the issue, should they send her to the church for deliverance or the police?

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