Mother shares story of how her 7-month-old baby got supernatural powers to heal the sick (Video)

A mother has shared story of how her 7-month-old baby developed supernatural powers to heal the sick.

Video of a mother narrating how her 7-months-old baby developed supernatural power to heal sick has surfaced online.

According to the woman, her daughter was born disabled, she was born without knees. Only two fingers and four toes, making people to call her all sorts of names.
But as time goes on, they found out she was created for a purpose, she developed a supernatural power to heal the sick.

Speaking on how she discovered about her supernatural powers, she had back ache one morning, and after lifting her up, she automatically got healed.

After discovering she has supernatural powers, those who called her names began to call her a special doctor because anyone who is not feeling well and lift her up, will automatically get healed.
Read her story:

“My 7-month-old baby was born disabled. She was born without knees. Just two fingers and four toes. People bullied her when she was born. They called her useless but God proved them wrong and gave her supernatural powers.

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