“My Friends Told Me That Sleeping With Men Will Get Me Money, But I Got Pregnant instead”- Mobile Money Vendor Shares Her Story (video)

During an interview with DJ Naami, Ethel Ansah, a 21-year-old mobile money salesperson, disclosed the reason for her becoming pregnant at such a young age.

According to the young lady, her parents were devastated, and they were furious with her for putting her life on hold for some selfish reasons.

During her interview, Ethel confessed that she was coerced into sleeping with guys so that she may have all of life’s luxuries at a young age.

Speaking of his baby daddy, she claimed that while he looks after the child, they are not together because he has refused to marry her and instead prefers to look after her son.

She did confess, though, that her kid is now a year and a half old, and she is planning to join the security service as soon as possible, having already purchased forms for the police and military.

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