2 Nollywood Stars Who Have Given Their Life To Christ (Photos)

The Nollywood industry is undoubtedly the largest filming industry in Nigeria. There are people from the industry who have given their lives to Christ, which we are going to disclose in this article.

  1. Emeka Ike

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He is one of the industry’s finest actors who Since his marriage to a South African woman, he has shown a side of himself that no one expected. He wasn’t a pastor, but he started spreading the gospel and urging people to give their lives to Christ. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

He was now an ordained servant of God in the latter part of 2021, and he began to share with the people while also attempting to win souls for God.

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  1. Patience Ozokwor

This lady has always showcased her creative skills while on the stage. Sudden changes were noticed since she made claims to have given her life to Christ. However, many fans and friends have commended her for taking such a great step towards Christianity.

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