Social Media Users Rally Support For Young Boy Spotted Doing His Homework Under Street Light At Night (Photos)

A few days ago, a young boy was photographed in Mombasa county doing his homework at night under a security light because the family has no source of power.

According to Emmanuel Mbaji Mruu who shared the photos on Facebook, Salim Khamisi is a grade six pupil from Jola Urabi Primary in Shanzu Mtwapa, Kenya.

He, however, wasn’t able to enjoy the benefits of electricity because his parents were struggling financially and unable to buy tokens.

“I saw a zeal, I saw a great person in him. Can we help this brain?” pleaded Mruu.

He added that Salim lives with his mother who is jobless and an uncle who is a peasant mason.

The house is rented and the family pays KSh 135 (N daily to use a prepaid solar lamp for the lights to remain on.
Plan to buy family solar panel and battery

It was a revelation that pointed to the fact that having electricity is something many take for granted and it’s only when such cases arise that the message hits home.

The boy’s resilience and zeal for education in the wake of poverty touched many as they sent word out requesting help.

A number of well-wishers have since started a drive that hopes to bring on board kind-hearted Kenyans who will support the boy out of his plight.

The idea is to buy the family a solar panel and a battery so that the young boy is able to study and do his homework at night without worrying about the tokens.
Man changes life of poor boy studying under street light

Meanwhile, previously reported that a kind man had changed the life of a poor boy spotted studying under street light at night.

Good News Network reported that Víctor Martín Angulo Córdoba from Peru resorted to doing his homework under the streetlight because his family’s home lacked electricity.

Victor’s determined effort caught the eye of many persons after it went viral including the city’s Mayor Arturo Fernández Bazán.

After locating the lad’s home, Arturo learnt that the boy’s family home couldn’t get electricity because his mum didn’t have the money to pay as well as the fact that she lacked documents to prove ownership of the house.

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