How The 21-Year-Old Man Who Was Called A Monkey Bought A House For His Mother (Photos)

Zanziman Ellie, a 21-year-old man from Rwanda was ridiculed by villagers who often called him a monkey due to his physical appearance.

Photo Credit; The Sun

Ellie was diagnosed with Microcephaly, a medical condition that affects the brain and verbal communication of its victims. Despite Zanziman Ellie’s condition, he was considered a miracle by his mother who had lost five children before him.

In 2021, Zanziman Ellie was able to buy a brand-new house for his mother thanks to the help of Afrimax TV.

In a video, several villagers celebrated Zanziman Ellie for being able to help his mother. Also a gofundme account was created to help his welfare.

Photo Credit; YouTube

As of when this article was written, about $14,122 have been donated out of $15,000.

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