Wedding Guest Refuses to Spray Bundles of Money On Couple Because He Wasn’t Served Food (Video)

Drama ensued at a recent wedding in Nigeria when a guest who felt offended with the poor reception accorded him offered a retaliatory reaction that has since set the internet ablaze.

As seen in a video shared online, the young man refused to share wads of naira notes he brought along with him to hype the solemn ceremony. He was captured putting his bundles of money back into his bag saying he won’t spray the money on the newlyweds because he was not served food at the ceremony.

As if that wasn’t enough, the young man could also be seen collecting some of the spoons and ceramic plate. The wedding reportedly took place on Saturday in Ughelli, Delta state.

The bundles of naira notes he initially wanted to spray on the newly-wedded couple were in the N100 denomination. The video was first shared into the social media space by Insatblog9ja.

In other news, Tems has once again provided insight on her meeting with rap superstar Drake during a recent interview on COOL FM.

This is on the heels of a Question and Answer session she previously had with her fans who curiously wanted to know how it went down after a photo and video surfaced online days ago which encapsulated the moment she hanged out with Drake in his mansion and proceeded to dine with him.

Here’s how that conversation went between the interviewer and Tems:

Did the collaboration with Drake happen before or after COVID?

My collaboration with Drake started before COVID and then it really happened after COVID.

How did it happen?

Wow, I’m spilling the tea? I do like tea. I got a message from him and he was like, ‘Yo, you’re crazy. I would defs love to link up’. Then we got in touch and we just kept in touch until I was in the States for a bit. There we linked up, did the feature.

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