“Stop Using contact lens” – Nigerian Lady warns, after losing one eye due to contact lens (video)

A Nigerian lady has warned against the use of contact of lenses after she lost one of her eyes due to it’s usage.

The beautiful young lady in a video that was shared on social media revealed that she was a lover of contact lens until the unfortunate experience that left her with one eye.

According to her, the contacts made her lose the ability to see with her right eye and can only see with the left eye presently.

She revealed she has spent a lot of money in a bid to correct her damaged eye, but to no avail.

The lady who claimed she doesn’t want fellow ladies to fall victim pleaded with them to do away with contact lenses.

In her words,

“I’m saying this to my fellow girls putting on contact lens like me… I’m a contact lens lover but see my eye now, see as my eye be. I cannot see with my right eye anymore, it’s only my left eye I’m using to see. I’ve spent money… I cant see with right eye all because of contact lens”.


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