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4 Igbo Actresses Who Are Above 50 And Are Still Active In The Entertainment Industry

Nigerian entertainment is one of the largest movie industries in the world. The industry has achieved a lot through the help of some individuals who have contributed their energy, talents, and creativity to the progress of the industry. Some of our favorite actresses have been in the industry for a long time and are still active in movie production.

However, I will be sharing with you some famous Igbo actresses who are above 50 and are still active in the entertainment industry.

#1. Patient Ozokwo

Patient Ozokwo is a household name in the lives of Most entertainment lovers. The legendary actress is a Native of Ngwo, Enugu state. She made her debut in the entertainment industry in 1999 and since then she has contributed to the success of Nollywood. Her works in the industry have earned her several movie awards including the Best Supporting Actress 2012 & 2013 award at the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards. It may interest you to know that the movie star is currently 62 years of age and still features in movies.

#2. Ebele Okaro Onyiuke

The movie star is famously known as Ebele Okaro. The 57-years-old actress is also a movie producer who has produced a couple of Nollywood movies. Ebele has been featured in movies where she played the role of a queen, wicked mother, etc. She has been featured in movies like Eziza, Moving Fingers, Red Light, Shallow Waters, Third Eye, Hostages, 30 Days, and many others.

#3. Ngozi Ezeonu

Ngozi Ezeonu is a famous Nigerian actress who has been in the Nigerian entertainment industry for some decades. She of the most successful Igbo actress in Nigeria. The veteran movie star has achieved a lot in the movie industry including the award for the Best Supporting Actress nomination at the 8th Africa Movie Academy Awards. Despite being in Nollywood in the ’90s, she is still active and has been featured in lots of recent movies. The movie star is currently 56 years of age.

#4. Chinyere Wilfred

Chinyere is one of the Nigerian legendary actresses who started featuring in movies in the ’90s. The successful actress was born on March 23, 1970, in Anambra state, the southeastern part of Nigeria. The movie star has been featured in over 100 Nigerian movies and has also produced a good number of Nollywood movies. Chinyere is still strong and active in the entertainment industry.

Which of these actresses is your favorite and what do you admire most about her? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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