Big Girl shits All Over the Club After Having an Upset Stomach (video)

Someone shared this on Facebook. According to him, the unidentified woman, who was at a nightclub with her new man accepted a drink from an ex. Unknown to her, the drink was spiked. The result is really messy…Read his post below:..

“News reports have not identified the woman or the nightclub but photos show what happened and it was not pretty. When the woman, who was at the club with her new boyfriend, accepted a drink from her ex she did not realize what a mistake this was.

The drink was spiked, and the woman ended up leaving piles of poo all across the floor, her legs, her underwear, and her fashionable dress.

The ex was probably in stitches watching the woman desperately trying to hold it and being unsuccessful.

This is a warning to everyone, your ex may have more in mind than a truce, so don’t take that drink”

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