Actress, Destiny Etiko narrowly escape death on her way from her colleagues funeral (Video)

Actress Destiny Etiko and some of her colleagues have survived a car accident on their way from their colleague Stanley who died last Tuesday’s burial.

Recall Stanley died over suspected food poisoning a few weeks ago and has been laid to rest today which some of his colleagues including Destiny Etiko went to pay their last respect but got involved in a car accident.

On their way from the burial, Destiny Etiko and some of her colleagues got involved in an accident, and thankfully no one was seriously injured and there were no death casualties but the car in which they were was a bit damaged.

The video was shared by Destiny Etiko and looking at it almost everyone seems okay except that there might be some shocks and the damage on the car aside from that mo life was lost and we thank God for that miracle.

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