Woman Comes Out From Her Grave And Walks After 3 Years Of Being Dead (video)


In Indonesia, in the town of Toraja, a woman leaves her grave after being dead for 3 years. Fortunately, this event was caught on camera and it’s the evidence of how this woman was resurrected after that much time. There is no doubt that this is a frightening and surprising fact.

They say that in order to bring her back to life, a special rite is performed in the place of the woman’s tomb. Those who saw her are surprised to see how the woman rises from death and how her body is deteriorated, just like a living corpse.

You can see how she has lost the nose cartilage, how her skin is broken and her hands are mostly just bones; her face might give you a hard impression.

The video of this deceased woman who came back to life has been very criticized for everyone, but the community members have an answer about it.

Unlike other places where corpses rest in their graves, in the locality of Toraja, they awake the corpse and leave it standing in front of its own tomb.

This activity is really rare nowadays, but still exists. Although modern science has no explanation for cases like this one, the video leaves clear evidence that no one can refute.

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