Nigerian lesbian cries for help as her partner beats her up whenever she’s drunk (video)


A Lesbian lady based in the South Africa has taken to her twitter handle to lament on how lesbians and gays suffers a lot of domestic violence after being battered by her girlfriend.

In her complaint, she posted pictures of how she was beaten to stupor, explaining that their travails in same sex relationships are not well addressed.

She wrote: “Domestic violence is real . Especially in same sex relationship. And it isn’t addressed enough. Lastnight I experienced something no woman should ever have to experience . My face and neck are bruised cut and I was beaten. I am still in shock.

“If anything is to happen to me . I would also like to add I am being stalked and or harassed via text messages .

She thereafter narrated that this is not the first time she will be abused by her girlfriend.

She said: “This is not the first incident . She has beaten me before on April 13/14. She has a pattern of violence & has done this to several previous partners. She lived in my house & I took care of her since I met her. Done writing about this…

THIS IS NOT THE FIRST INCIDENT . SHE HAS BEATEN ME BEFORE ON APRIL 13/14. SHE HAS A PATTERN OF VIOLENCE & HAS DONE THIS TO SEVERAL PREVIOUS PARTNERS. SHE LIVED IN MY HOUSE & I TOOK CARE OF HER SINCE I MET HER. DONE WRITING ABOUT THIS…— stormy (@Theylovestorm_) May 5, 2021In a swift reaction, some tweeps consoled her and advised that she should abandon the relationship and find a loving man to care for instead of being beaten up by her co-woman.

Bellak who commented wrote: “Same sex relationship never works. PERIOD. EVERYONE IN THAT RELATIONSHIP SET UP WANT TO TAKE A LEAD. Date a man sesi. Men are not that bad as the society thinks.

MADZUN wrote: “Nonsense u think God created u to hav same sex relationship.

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