For the Men : Foods to Eat to last Longer During S ex (Video)

Eating whatever you want is a luxury reserved for adolescents, not for the sexually active twenty something. We found 25 foods that are demolishing your se.x drive that might make you contemplate an overhaul of your diet. Prep accordingly.


If pasta with canned tomato sauce is the only date night meal you’ve learned to cook, it’s time to switch it up. Tomatoes can lead to lower levels of testosterone.

Corn Flakes

John Harvey Kellogg, the gloriously bearded cereal guru, was anti se.x/mas.turbation/your private parts doing anything fun, so he created Corn Flakes. He thought the bland and sugarless taste would repress people’s nasty urges for a post-breakfast bang. There is a serious lack of solid evidence of whether Kellogg was successful, but considering that Corn Flakes are largely consumed by teething babies and toothless elderly folks, he may have gotten his wish.

Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn bags contain something called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOAs) which is a really long name for a chemical that kills your sex drive, is bad for your prostate, and increases your chances of testicular cancer.


Researchers at Michigan State University found that harmful industrial waste chemicals can be absorbed into dairy, meat, and fish. Their research also showed a connection between these harmful chemicals and lowered libidos in women. Point your lady towards this list of safe fish here.


Doctors claim that oatmeal seems like it’s good for libido due to its stress-lowering properties, but in actuality, the same chemical that lowers stress also lowers libido. If you planned on eating oatmeal and were also hoping for morning se.x, perhaps you should opt for a bowl of cereal instead.

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