Nigerian lady finishes 2 big cocumber with packs of groundnuts (Video)

A young lady on Twitter has taken it upon herself to be entertaining her followers with her eating skill, it’s as if that’s the content she wants to be putting out every week on her Twitter account. A few days ago she was seen finishing 2 huge cucumbers last week with groundnuts, a lot of her followers were thrilled with her eating ability and they were amazed that she could finish such an amount of food.

Today she came up with another eating show, she was seen eating a full plate of her native food, with a full bottle of Zobo, many were surprised when she was seen emptying the plate in the second frame, as they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Some of her followers have been praising her while some felt she’s a foody and an eater who can consume anything without minding the size, but the main goal is that she’s getting more followers to her page and she’s enjoying her time.

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