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‘Pregnant’ 6-Years-Old Nigerian Girl Receives $4,000 In Donation from people (Photos)

A 6-year-old ‘pregnant’ Nigerian girl, Olga Blessing, has received a sum amount of roughly $4000 in a donation for her treatment.

Olga Blessing was diagnosed of a strange illness last year 2019 and the disease has left her with a protruding stomach – one only pregnant women are noted with.

According to the details gathered  ,Olga’s woes started with a simple abdominal pain. She visited some clinics, where her parent was told it was typhoid fever and were prescribed some medication.

We gathered that after taking all the medicine prescribed by the clinic, no changes, and instead, they discovered some swelling in her body, and even her legs started swelling.

The young lady was admitted to the hospital for months over the strange disease until a breakthrough happened. Olga was diagnosed with that her little daughter is suffering from Congestive Heart disorder.

The doctor added that the disorder is a disorder of the heart valves. The doctor says In a normal human when breathing, those valves open and closes but in the case of her child, they are always open. That is what made her child look pregnant.

The sad part of the story that really hit us at is that Olga’s father abandoned her and the mother one unfaithful when he told them he will return from work, he never did.

The woes of their story just begun when the doctor told them the only help they can get is from abroad. Olga’s family has been able to raise over $4K from a video they posted on Youtube.

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