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Beautiful lady runs mad after a married man took her out on valentines Day (Video)

An Unidentified Lady has caused big stir and Panic as she stands without clothes on in the front of a Chicken Republic Store at Ilupeju Bypass in Lagos State. The Lady stood without changing or moving from a place, according to reports, she refused to allow anyone to cover her and would not allow them to move close to her.

Her unyielding attitude has caused many people to fear and they are really getting worried about her mental State. Many people who saw the post are already suggesting that she could have been used by a Man she went out with on Valentine’s Day. However, no actual report has been given about what really went wrong with her .

Here is a notice from a Twitter User;

At the moment, she’s still in that exact place and remains unmovable, people are even scared of going near to her, the man that recorded her was far way from where she is. She isn’t ready to leave and it has caused many people to get worried the more. No one has come to show that they recognise or know her , all that have been gathered as at now is that, she’s ‘Naek€d’ and needs someone to come and cover her up or probably take her to an Hospital for checkup.

Meanwhile, Some eyewitnesses can be heard in the background of the video saying she might have been used for ritual by a man she may have gone out with on Valentine’s Day. However, this remains unconfirmed.

Well, Watch the video below :

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