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Woman Reveals How Putting Her M.enstruaI BIood in her Boyfriend’s Food made him propose to her (Video)

An American woman with the Facebook username, Barrieshia Chauvin, who took to the platform to share her thought on trapping a man with menstrual blood, revealed that it worked for her.

According to her post, she said that she used “Witchcraft”… and this is by adding her menstrual blood inside her boyfriend’s food.

She also shared photo of the Spaghetti she added the menstrual blood to, and according to her, it worked… few days later, her boyfriend proposed.

”So scrolling thru FB today, one of my home girls was asking does the blood in the spaghetti trick really work.. lol now I ain’t tryna influence nobody to do anything but there was no ring on my finger before the spaghetti but after the spaghetti there is a ring!

It’s a cold world out there ladies, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do ????????‍♀️????+????=????????????????????????????????????????????,” she wrote.

Menstrual blood is meant to be thrown away and not fed to anyone, not even dogs. What a wicked way to get the ring!

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