Pretty university graduate runs mad after dumping the man who sponsored her education (Video)

A yet-to-be identified graduate has reportedly lost her mind and is displaying signs of insanity after dumping the man who took care of her from senior high school to university.

Unlike women, men have no qualms dating or marrying below their social class. But in their endeavours to please and pamper women from lower social strata, many men always go out of their way to achieve some dubious feats.

University graduate runs mad after dumping the man

However, one of the biggest and probably reckless gambles that such men take is educating their girlfriends, hoping to wife them afterwards, only to be dumped once they graduate.

The strange bit about it is that some of such types are relatively rich but hardly educated men who, out of love and as a gesture of commitment, pay school fees for their lovers.

Unfortunately, if trends are anything to go by, many women with such charitable boyfriends seemingly always turn out to be ungrateful in the end.

This time around some men are really taking issues serious and deal with these girls.

In a video circulating on social , a beautiful university lady goes mad because she allegedly dumped the man who promised to marry her after graduation.

Watch the video below :

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