I Was Told To Pretend As A Mad Man For 5-Years Before Becoming Rich, Man Confesses (Video)

Now days people do all devilish kind of things still in the quest of making money and fame, a mad in the street of asaba was caught when he was trying to change his clothes in an uncompleted building by people who knew him very well.

He was caught by his relatives who lived in asaba, and he was asked to confess to people that he is not mad, the mad who who was identify as Benson John is an indigen of rivers state who traveled to asaba to be pretend as a mad man before Coming back to be rich.

According to the mad man he said he went to do money rituals after he had suffered in the street for many years and the only thing the native doctor told him to do was to act like a mad man for five years, before his ritual process can be completed and after then he will be rich like never before.

The mad man said he decided to travel to delta state where he thought nobody will recognize him, he was declared wanted by his people in rivers state after 2 years, according to the mad man he has serve his punishment for 3years now before he was seen by his relative in asaba

The mad man said he has been on the street of asaba pretending to be mad eating from the waste bin and begging people for money, but he was never mad

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