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I Divorced My Wife For My Sidechick, Now My Life Is Hell – Nigerian Man Cries Out(Photos)

My life is hot, and I don’t mean hot in the good sense, let’s just say my life is hell right now.

I deserve every insult or curse I get in this post, as I have insulted and cursed myself as much as humanly possible. In fact, I have cursed the womb that bore me but I’m still in hell!

My name is Tayo, I am into real estate. I got lucky with a mega deal about three years ago that totally changed my life from just a cool bachelor to a very rich bachelor!

Then I became the target of every single lady every where I went. At a point I stopped going to church because they were all making advances at me and I was in love with my long time girlfriend Abimbola.

Somehow, I still cannot explain it. This lady in my church, Ejiro got me hooked.

It started with a simple ‘lift’ and I was hooked. I remember how I kept thinking she was an angel. Drop dead gorgeous, the perfect trophy girlfriend, and surprisingly godly! She was a hottie.

We got talking after the first time I gave her the lift from church, I told her a lot of things including about Bimbo my girlfriend, she told me she was waiting for God’s plan for her life.

To cut it short, perfect Ejiro the hottie visited me in my home one fateful day and before I knew it, we had sex and I was doomed.

Before I knew it, I had dumped Bimbo my girl of many years. I got engaged to Ejiro and married her last year February. My life has not remained the same.

I can’t even describe her now, she does not raise a finger in the house except to paint her face and eat. I got two helps initially, she has replaced them like 8 times, they keep leaving.
Someone once said I left Bimbo for a ‘bimbo’. Luckily for me, she isn’t pregnant yet. I can’t imagine having a child by her. She nags, she curses, she stopped going to church, she hates my family, she sent all my friend away, I have lost many deals because of her!

I already asked her for a divorce twice and she told me she would kill me! I think she means it… Bimbo is still unmarried, I have apologized some months ago and I just wish this witch would leave…maybe I still have a chance with the good woman I left!

How do I get Ejiro to leave?

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