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Heartbroken Man Drinks P0ison After Catching His Girlfriend Sleeping With Another Man (Photos)

A Facebook user identified as Uju Patricia, took to socail media and share some photos of a young man who reportedly took his own life by poisoning himself because he caught his girlfriend cheating on him with another man on March 3, 2018.

Patricia wrote;

“Wonders shall neva end, dis guy poison himself all because he caught his girlfriend with anoda guy dis evening.”

Another Facebook user, Frank Dylan, who also shared the pictures on his page wrote; “Mumu congrats you kill urself Bcus of girlfriend when u never pay for her head some men are big fools just you see ur lover with cheat on u with another man the next step is to kill urself.

“Why go and start data ur girlfriend best friend if u have don this is the best it can get ur girlfriend mad Bcus woman are wicked and heartless people that is why I don’t send them message. Do you know how times women have broken my heart to another man. People learn from they past mistakes not to go and kill urself.”

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