Nigerian Man Mercilessly B.eats His Girlfriend in Public After He Caught Her Cheating (Video)

The video of Nigerian man beating up his girlfriend has gone viral.
A Nigerian man has sparked a huge controversy after a video of him beating his girlfriend emerged online.
According to reports, the girl allegedly cheated on the guy.
Apparently, the man whose identity is undisclosed took to beating the young lady because she allegedly cheated on him with another man.

In the video, the boyfriend was dealing several rounds of punches and blows to the lady who looked very fragile.
Several reactions have trailed the video of this fighting couple. As many condemned the man’s action, while some people were in defence of the man, others insisted that the boyfriend had no right to touch her irrespective of her crime of infidelity.
At what point should a person walk out of an abusive relationship?
Watch the video below:
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