Billionaire friends marry off their kids to cement their friendship for life (Photos)

Two Billionaire friends in Nigeria have gotten their 11 year old son and 9 year old daughter to tie the knot in a well attended wedding to seal and cement their friendship.

Prince Henry and Princess Ann had a very fancy and expensive wedding fully funded by their Billionaire parents.

The two friends according to sources believed the best way to remain together as friends and to ensure their wealth remains in their inner circles is to allow their kids get married as early as possible.

The event which took place in Ibom State according to sources was premised also on the fact that the father of the minor-groom, known as Imam Soya was bent on marrying off his son to ensure that he is not ‘corrupted’ by social media.

The wedding was conducted as though it was adults who were being joined together in holy matrimony.

See the pictures of the wedding below:


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