Nigerian Girl In Tears As She Gets dumped by boyfriend after she tattooed His Name On Her Face (Video)

A new viral video that seems  surprising has shown, a Nigerian lady captured making a commitment on her face to profess her never ending commitment to her partner.

“Anjola My love” is boldly inscribed on a side of the lady’s face who sits in a tattooparlour while the tattoo artiste helps make her dream of professing her love for her partner come true.

In reaction to the video, a lot of Nigerians have said the lady just made the greatest mistake of her entire life. Some are more concerned of what happens when the relationship eventually hit the rocks.

The video of the lady has since gone viral with a lot of people archiving it for posterity. It’s sort sparked a miniature debate online over the extent to which one can go to show how much they are in love with their partner.

Watch the video of the lady below, making the biggest commitment of her life.

Watch the video below;


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