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”Why I Did It” – Nigerian Man beats her mercilessly after DNA test proved he’s not father of his 3 kids (Photos)

Few days ago, we brought a report that a Nigerian woman was shocked after she lost

four teeth during a physical attack from her angry husband who pounced on her after discovering her gross infidelity.

The cheating wife was exposed when the man was arranging to relocate his family from Nigeria to Canada. Trouble started when the Canadian Embassy requested DNA test to proof that the kids belongs to him.

The husband got furious when the result of the test revealed that all the three (3) children his wife claimed to have for him are not his biological children.

The man who returned home to demand for explanation from his wife pounced on her heavily when she could not evidently convince him that all the children that he has been raising from birth belongs to him.

According to new report, the man man is regretting his action because he allowed anger to take over him.

He allegedly said;

I trusted my wife, loved her and provided that she needed but she ended up betraying my trust and i will never forgive her for this!

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