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I Had S ex With My Blood Sister Three Times,Theres Is Nothing Wrong With It – Nigeria Man (Photos)

A Nigerian Man has taken to his facebook page to share a bizzare story of an incestuous relationship he had with his ‘Blood Sister’.

The man identified as Zeromni Freedom, took to Facebook to narrate how he had sex with his blood sister numerous times.

Zeromni who started off by stating that there is nothing wrong with having sex with relatives, pointed out that many have had sex with their blood sisters and cousins but kept it a secret because the society will frown at it.

His post reads ;


People always shy away from this question : “Where did Cain get wife?”
Who did cain fuck? If the bible story was real, or let’s assume it’s real, cain must have fucked his sister. Now , the story may not be true, but so many of us have fucked our blood sister and brother or cousins but we kept it secret because our environment frown against it so we hide it and keep it secret.

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