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3 Months After They Got Married, See What A Lady Did To Her Husband With Scissors During A Fight (Photos)

Marriage is one of the things in life that no one would be an expert to not even the marriage councillors. Marriage is a different institution but many people have made it look so complicated by not studying who they choose as parteners.

The story of this couple is heartbreaking because their marriage is just 3 months old. According Sapele Ogenek who shared the news online, he said that from the discussion so far, what caused the fight was misunderstanding between the couple which is normal in many homes but the approach they used was dangerous.

According to the story, the husband was advising his wife to be coming back home early around 6:30pm because of security reasons but the lady kept coming back late at night around 8pm which even the neighbors testified to.

It after they they had a fight about the lateness persistence that the lady angrily wanted to leave the house in an early hour of the next morning claiming she was going to see a relative.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with a man asking his wife to be careful with her working hours because of security reason, the woman may not know that for the husband to talk about it means that he truly loves her but she might be thinking

After they had a little fight about the woman coming home late and she wanted to leave the house, the husband tried to stop her from leaving that early and the lady allegedly took a pair of scissors and wounded her husband. Read the full detail in the screenshots below.

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